High efficiency

The REMOG company offers you various methods of removing the entire burr created in the machining and manufacturing process. Depending on the material, we can find the right methods for each product. The advantage here is the fast process combined with cost reduction.

As part of our services, you can use these technologies also for your projects.


Overview of our technologies

Thermal deburring

ITEM400.2 thermal deburring installation

  • deburring chamber: diameter 400 mm
  • max. filling gas pressure: 20 bar
  • height of the deburring chamber (inside): 400 mm
  • new: modern gas dosing without dosing cylinder (low maintenance costs)
  • Siemens PLC control system with Touchscreen
  • cycle times: approx. 30-60 s for the deburring process
  • gases: oxygen, methane, hydrogen
  • Your benefits:
    • all existing places are deburred
    • high process security
    • the burr roots are closed

Precision deburring

Precision deburring requires our employees concentration and intuition.

  • Precise details are hand-deburred with the help of microscopes and pneumatically driven tools.
  • We use endoscopes for deburring hydraulic components.

Barrel finishing

In order to guarantee an even, uniform surface of the part or to achieve rounding of the edges, your details are barrel finished in our factory.