Precise hydraulic details

Hydraulics has been one of the main branches of our activity for decades. Whether it is industrial or automotive hydraulics, for aircraft or forklift applications - our control blocks, regulating valves and pistons are manufactured in accordance with the latest standards and maintaining the strictest quality regulations.


The latest CNC production technologies

We set ourselves the goal of using the latest CNC production techniques. In this way, we guarantee that the details are made with the highest accuracy and economy. This is clearly seen on the example of control sleeves, whose small control slots are created today on laser machining centers. Compared to conventional CNC electroerosion machines, time savings of up to 90% are achieved. Then the control sleeves are processed in our thermal deburring installation, combining high quality with economy of the process.

Optimized production processes

With our modern data storage system (MDE / BDE), we get direct online access to the production and control chain in our company. In this way, we increase our efficiency, improve the flow of production operations and accelerate the flow of information, which also translates into benefits for you.

Of course, we also carry out assembly and hydraulic control of manufactured components on request.